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Medisense.pk tends to make the world a healthy and happy place by providing the best and authentic health and wellness solutions.


Medisense.pk aims to provide authentic and high-quality health care solutions on a single platform, which is just a click away. Here at Medisense.pk, we will ensure authenticity, controlled temperature, professional and up to mark handling of medicinal products, pharmacist consultation and the best pricing in town.

About Us:

As a PCP( Pakistan council of pharmacy) and DRAP, licensed online pharmacy, MEDISENSE.PK provides 100% authentic health care and wellness products by strictly following all the crucial SOP’s required for storage and delivery of medicines. We delivers customers an experience which is more than just getting a prescription fulfilled. We without compromising on quality, sell medicines and wellness products at a market competitive price so that your health and of your loved ones would be taken care of.

Pakistan is on the list of developing countries– a country that reclines in the queue of hard-ranked countries in corruption and illiteracy, but most sadly and horridly, the health sector for all wrong indices. According to DRAP (Drug Regulation Authority Of Pakistan), 50,000+ cases were filed in 2020 alone for counterfeit and substandard medicine and health facilities, even in the Metropolitan cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, the numbers are very alarming. Medisense.pk strives to deliver authentic medicines and up-to-the-mark handling & storage facilities, as well as availability conscientiously. We  strive to provide not just a pharmacy solution to its customers, but an experience where your health and budget would be taken care of.